Home Decor: “Avocado Green” Is IN


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    Like any industry, home decor and design goes through trends. Different trends of yesteryear bring back memories of different decades: think the monochrome bathrooms of the 1950s or shag carpet of the 70s. One new trend that’s popping up lately is avocado green decor! Avocado green is another remnant of the 1970s, but it’s making its way back into our homes – and our hearts. While we used to identify trends in magazines or movies, we can now take a gander at Instagram to observe what colors and trends are recurring in many peoples’ homes.

    In 2021, trending hashtags like #mustardyellow and #avocadogreen highlight what indoor decor colors are currently popular. Never has searching for trends been so seamless and effortless! Now, popular colors of certain times aren’t just a result of a movement; they are an insight into our current cultural atmosphere. 

    Color psychologist, Karen Haller, says “We never pick a color without a meaning. We might not know why we’re doing it… but…we see color before anything else.” So, if we pick colors for a reason and popular colors are signs of the times, what does avocado green mean?

    white ceramic mug on brown wooden table, avocado green walls

    Why Avocado Green?

    The late 90s and early 2000s saw a rise in neutral colors like grey and beige. Now, though, in the age of Instagram and influencers, people seek attention-grabbing dramatic decor colors. The social media algorithms tend to favor bold, saturated colors and vibrant contrasts. Pink and green have shown themselves to be quite prominent in these instagram-ready designs.

    So why green? Many connect the recent popularity of green interiors with climate change and sustainability awareness. This environmental awareness echoes that of the 1970s, and the interior decor is following suit. People don’t just have greener walls, the decor extends to more plants and softer, more natural-looking furnishings.

    There’s another reason avocado green has become more popular in interior decorating: the pandemic. With people spending more time at home, and also experiencing quite a bit more stress on average than before, homeowners wanted to create calming, peaceful spaces. Walls in blue and green tones reflect nature and create a serene space for us to escape the chaos of the outside world.

    brown leather padded sofa with throw pillows inside house, avocado green walls

    Forge Your Own Path

    When it comes right down to it, don’t pick your wall colors based on anyone else’s opinion, Instagram included. Choose a color scheme for your home that brings you happiness and suits your needs. Who cares what anyone else thinks anyway? So what say you to avocado green decor? Yay or nay?