Do You Know Which Country Grows The Most Avocados?


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    Avocado trees are native to Mexico; they prefer humid, tropical growing conditions and well-draining soil. This superfruit is cultivated commercially worldwide, but which country grows the most avocados, and how many do they produce?

    Which Country Grows The Most Avocados: Top 5 Producing Countries

    Rank (2018)CountryProduction, millions of tons
    2Dominican Republic0.64
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    Mexico: the country grows the most avocados

    Since this delicious fruit is native to Mexico, it should come as no surprise that Mexico grows the most avocados. How many of millennials’ favorite fruit do they produce? Mexico is responsible for producing 2.18 million metric tons of avocados each year on around 415,000 acres. In fact, Mexico is responsible for over 30% of the world’s production. The avocado industry provides 40,000 permanent jobs and 70,000 seasonal jobs in Mexico. 86% of these fruits grown in Mexico are produced in the following states: Puebla, Michoacan, Nayarit, Morelos, and Mexico.

    Dominican Republic

    Did you guess the Dominican Republic is the country that produces the second-largest amount of avocados in the world? The Dominican Republic is responsible for over 640,000 metric tons of the green fruits each year. That’s 9% of the world’s avocados! Unlike Mexico, however, which exports a large percentage of its crop, the Dominican Republic consumes most of its avocados nationally. However, this industry is expanding; in 2011, the Dominican Republic was only number 8 in global production, yet still exported $23.9 million worth of avos that year. Now, the country is planting more avocado trees in an effort to increase exports but also to help reforest the land.

    Peru, Indonesia, and Colombia

    Peru, Indonesia, and Colombia account for around 7%, 6%, and 5% of the world’s production, respectively. They may not be the country that grows the most avocados, but all three countries are steadily increasing their production abilities each year. 

    green tree with yellow flowers during daytime, country grows the most avocados

    So how did these countries stack up? Are the top avocado-producing countries the ones you thought? Or were you surprised?