Avocado Tree Problems and How To Solve Them


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    If you’re growing an avocado and it doesn’t seem to be thriving, you’re not alone. Some plant parents are more successful than others, but if you don’t have the greenest thumb around, don’t worry! We’re here to help. Here is a rundown of the most common avocado tree problems and how to fix them so your tree can get back to thriving.

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    My avocado plant is losing leaves

    If your avocado plant is losing leaves, there are a couple of possible solutions to this problem. The most likely scenario is that you are overwatering your tree. Avo trees don’t like “wet feet,” resulting from water sitting among their roots or at the bottom of their pot. Make sure that wherever your tree is planted, it has plenty of drainage. If it’s in a pot, make sure there are holes in the bottom. If there aren’t, drill some. You can also place large rocks in the bottom of the pot to improve drainage too. If your plant also has a mushy stem and looks weak overall, these are all indications you’re giving it too much water. 

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    Avocado Tree Problems: My leaves are turning yellow

    If your tree’s leaves are turning yellow, you’re probably under fertilizing it. Avocado trees need fertilizer added to their soil once a month or so. When the plant is deficient in magnesium or iron, you’ll see yellowing around the veins of the leaves. If it isn’t getting enough potassium or phosphorous, expect to see bronze-colored leaves. Overfertilizing can be even worse; plants with too much fertilizer will have slow plant growth, lose their leaves, or even die. 

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    My leaves are turning brown

    If your avo tree has brown leaves, that’s one of the most obvious avocado tree problems. Brown leaves are a pretty clear sign that your plant is getting too much sun, not enough water, or both. We call this leaf burn, and it occurs much more often in younger trees than more mature ones. If your plant is in a pot, try moving it to a less sunny location. If you have a young plant, plant other foliage under it to keep the soil cooler and protect the sensitive green stem. 

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    Avocado Tree Problems: My avocado tree leaves are wilting

    If the leaves on your avo plant are wilting or their color is fading, there’s one of the easiest avocado tree problems to fix. Most likely, your tree just needs more water! While they don’t like wet feet, avocado trees do prefer moist soil. For best results, try to keep the surface of your plant’s soil from drying out, but make sure the earth does not get soggy.

    How is your avocado tree doing? Does it have any of the avocado tree problems listed above? Let us know!