Avojoy Provides An Avocado Subscription In the Netherlands


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    It seems like we have subscription boxes for everything these days. You can get monthly shipments of clothes, cleaning supplies, makeup, and now…. Avocados? That’s right, a company called Avojoy in the Netherlands has rolled out the world’s first avocado subscription box

    Avojoy and Food Service

    Carel van Krimpen founded Avojoy last winter to provide avocados to foodservice providers like restaurants and cafes. With the help of supplier Westfalia and the packaging and ripening company Euro West, Avojoy has provided avocados ripened to order and delivered to doors across the Netherlands.

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    Your Avojoy For Consumers’ Avocado Subscription

    Now, Avojoy is branching into the next sector: providing fresh, ripe avocados directly to consumers like you. There’s no question that people are more health and germ-conscious these days. Purchasing avocados in the store involves a lot of touching and squeezing, which isn’t exactly a Covid-friendly activity. Avojoy’s avocado subscription cuts out all that touching, providing ripe, untouched avocados directly onto the consumer’s doorstep.

    The company created an “avocado box” that protects the avocados during shipping and keeps them refrigerated. With the environment in mind, the packaging is 100% biodegradable. You can choose either “enjoy now” ripe avocados or “enjoy later” avocados that aren’t quite ready to eat. Avojoy offers next-day delivery of a starter box, master box, or family box.

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    What Kind of Avocado Subscription?

    Avojoy works exclusively with Hass avocados. These avocados are by far the best for transport and shelf life. These superfruits also have higher oil levels than other varieties, making them taste better too.

    Bringing Avocados To The Masses

    Avojoy and Your Avojoy are breaking the mold, delivering high-quality, healthy, delicious avos to businesses and individual consumers alike. This American writer wants to know: when are they bringing this avocado subscription to the US?