Make Your Own Avocado Scrub At Home With Just 2 Ingredients


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    Make Your Own Avocado Scrub With Just 2 Ingredients At Home

    Summer is officially here in the northern hemisphere and that means fewer clothes, more skin, and often more sun. While fun in the sun is basically a summer requirement, that also comes with the likelihood of a sunburn. Too much sun can leave our skin feeling stretched, tight, and stinging. One way to combat all that the summer throws at our skin? Soothe your skin with a relaxing avocado scrub you can make right at home. 

    How To Make and Use Avocado Scrub


    This scrub is super simple, with only two ingredients you can find right at home. The only 2 things you need are 1 tablespoon of avo oil and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar. Don’t have any avocado oil handy? You can make avocado oil yourself!

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    Measure out each ingredient and place them in a small bowl. Mix well until the sugar is thoroughly coated in the avocado oil.

    Thoroughly clean your skin with a gentle cleanser and dry with a soft cloth. Use your fingertips to scoop up the oil/sugar mixture and apply it evenly to your face, hands, whatever skin needs a little TLC. Work the avocado scrub into your skin with small, gentle circles to exfoliate, removing dirt and dead skin cells. 

    When you’re done, use warm water to rinse off the mixture. Your skin will likely feel as if there is an oily residue left, but that’s normal. Your skin will gradually absorb the oil and all the nutrients avocados provide. Pat your face dry with a towel and continue your normal skincare routine.

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