Avocado-Infused Beauty Products You Can Find In the Store


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    If you’re looking to add the numerous health and beauty benefits of avocados into your daily routine, but you don’t have the time or energy for a DIY product, here are the avocado-infused beauty products you can find right in the store.

    Aveeno Hair Mask

    avocado-infused beauty products

    The Aveeno Almond Oil Blend Hair Mask combines almond oil and avocado oil with oats from the Mississippi River Valley to create a hair mask perfect for summer. During the season of humidity and heat, our hair can suffer from plenty of frizz. The nourishment in this 5-minute hair mask can help combat some of that frizz, leaving your hair silky, smooth, and ready for summer. Enjoy this Aveeno hair mask for $21 from Nordstrom.

    Briogeo Avocado-Infused Beauty Products

    Another hair mask, this one from Brigeo’s Be Gentle, Be Kind line, is chock full of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that are fantastic for hair. This formula locks in moisture to make your hair infinitely softer. Slather on this hair mask for $36 from Ulta.

    Philip B. Peppermint and Avocado-Infused Volumizing Shampoo

    Take your hair to the next level with this volumizing and clarifying shampoo from Philip B. Starting at $34 from Nordstrom, this shampoo is formulated for wavy to curly hair. The clarifying shampoo cleanses and refreshes your scalp with peppermint oil and extracts from 16 different plants, including avocado. Healthy hair starts at the scalp!

    ArtNaturals LUXE Avocado-Infused Thermal Shield

    To use avocado-infused beauty products like this one, spray it onto damp hair and comb it through from the roots to the ends. In addition to protecting your hair from heat, this product is specifically formulated to lock in moisture, smooth hair, and reduce frizz. Get it for just $8.50 from Ulta.

    Garnier Nutrisse Color Reviver Hair Mask

    Avocados are known for their high concentrations of vitamin E. Vitamin E is fantastic for your nails, skin, and hair. This hair mask from Garnier Nutrisse is full of avocado and vitamin E to keep colored hair looking bright and saturated, undoing damage from heat styling or sun exposure. Find it in Walmart for just $8.

    Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deep Hair Mask

    When other hair masks can’t undo the damage, Kiehl’s can. This product’s unique combination of olive, avocado, and other fruit oils provides deep-healing antioxidants that repair strands and shield them from future damage too. Your hair will never be shinier. Buy it for $21 from Nordstrom.

    Pattern Avocado-Infused Leave-In Conditioner

    Pattern’s leave-in conditioner is a blend of avocado oil, honey, and aloe. This product is perfect for curls, providing much-needed hydration and nourishment to each and every ringlet. This conditioner is available from Ulta for $25.

    Design Essentials Almond and Avocado-Infused Curl Enhancing Mousse 

    For $15.99 from Ulta, you can have one of these avocado-infused beauty products, a mousse from Design Essentials. Fortified with avocado and sweet almond oil extracts, this mousse is perfect for soft hold and the definition of your curls. You can thank the avocado for strength and moisture and the almond oil for all the extra shine.