How To Make Avocado Paint


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    Avocado paint colors may be all the rage for living rooms, but did you know you can make your own avocado paint? Check out the instructions below!

    People have been painting with natural paints since the Stone Age. People derived pigments from herbs, roots, bark, and seeds! The avocado pit is just another piece of a plant you can use to create natural paint. 

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    How To Create Watercolor Avocado Paint

    To make avocado paint you will need:

    • Avocado pit (more pits means deeper color)
    • Large cooking pot
    • Large spoon
    • Water
    • Fine mesh strainer
    • Jar with lid

    To begin making avocado paint, scrub your avo pits thoroughly, removing any of the leftover green fruit flesh. 

    Place the scrubbed pits in a large pot and fill with just enough water to cover them. The more pits you use the deeper the color you will get.

    Bring the water to a boil and then reduce the heat to a low simmer. Stir occasionally. After between 20 and 40 minutes, the water will begin to change color from clear to a light pink and then eventually to a reddish-brown. 

    Carefully dip small pieces of paper into the water to test the color. Once the water has reached your desired color, remove the large pot from heat and let it cool. Strain the mixture through the fine mesh strainer to remove any plant material. Store the paint in glass jars in the refrigerator. 

    That’s it! With ease, you can create your own watercolor paints from natural materials around you! What natural dyes do you prefer?

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