Compost Gardening: How To Make Old Plants From Food Scraps


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    Did you know that you can turn some food scraps into new plants? Just take it from this less-than-green-thumb writer; anyone can grow food from food scraps. Here are some of the easiest compost gardening hacks for any gardening level.

    compost gardening

    Compost Gardening: Avocados

    It should come as no surprise that avocados are first on the list of compost gardening. You can root an avocado pit to grow an avocado tree. Don’t get too excited, however; even after you root your avocado pit, it will likely take almost 10 years before you successfully grow and pick an avocado off of your tree.

    Lettuce and Celery

    You can regrow lettuces, celery, bok choy, and other leafy greens fairly easily. All of these vegetables have a hard base when you buy them from the store. Cut the green leaves off of the hard base a few inches from the bottom. Use the leafy greens in salads and other entrees and place the base into a shallow bowl of clear water. Place the bowl in a sunny location and watch as your stump regrows edible green leaves. When the leaves begin to grow, plant the vegetable in a pot of fresh soil. 


    It happens to all of us: we forget about potatoes in some dark drawer or forgotten corner of our kitchen, and they start to sprout “eyes.” You don’t have to throw these potatoes out, however, just plant them! Even a few pieces of potato have the capability of growing into individual potato plants. 

    compost gardening

    Green Onions

    Green onions are another simple vegetable you can grow from compost gardening. Similar to lettuce, once you’ve used up the leafy green edible parts, place the base into a cup of water. After a few days, carefully plant them into a pot of quality soil. Keep the soil slightly moist and place the pot in a sunny location. Enjoy your free green onions!

    Who Doesn’t Like Free?

    There are many other foods you can regrow from compost items. Compost gardening is a fantastic way to save money and learn a thing or two about growing food while you’re at it. At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like fueling your body with food you grew in your own home.

    compost gardening