Do It Yourself Avocado Beard Oil For an Epic Beard


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    There’s plenty of information out there about using avocados as a hair mask, and plenty of women have depended on this tried-and-true method to repair their damaged hair. Now, you can turn the do-it-yourself avocado hacks over to your boy toy; give him this avocado beard oil recipe so he can keep his facial hair baby soft and oh-so-kissable. While smearing green fruit on your beard may seem like a weird way to spend an evening, the results speak for themselves.

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    How To Make Coconut Avocado Bear Oil

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    • 4 drops of avocado oil
    • 2 drops rosemary essential oil
    • ½ ounce coconut oil (25 ml)
    • ¼ ounce castor oil


    • Measure ½ ounce of coconut and ¼ ounce of castor oil into a small, dark bottle. Shake the contents until well combined. 
    • Add the drops of avo and rosemary and shake again.
    • Shake the bottle thoroughly each time before use.
    • Apply the avocado beard oil to your beard at bedtime each night and wash it off each morning. 
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    Why Avocado Beard Oil Works

    This super conditioning avocado beard oil is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that prevent hair loss and keep your beard shiny and smooth. Avocado isn’t just good for healthy hair either, it’s also fantastic for your skin. The essential fatty acids keep your skin moisturized and your beard soft to the touch. Only apply this concoction at night, however, because both coconut and castor oils are fairly greasy and unpleasant to wear around all day. At night, though, the oils will penetrate deep into your facial hair to give you a conditioning treatment like no other. Simply wash the oils off in the morning before you go about your daily tasks.

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