Where Did the Avocado Word Come From?


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    Did you know that avocados might be named after testicles? It’s true!

    Historians believe that Aztecs began cultivating avocados in what is now Mexico at around 500 BC. They used a name for the superfruit, “ahucatl,” which translates to – you guessed it – testicle, as their avocado word

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    How Did The Avocado Word Come About?

    Why would the Aztecs name a delicious fruit after male genitalia? It could be because avocados grow in pairs on an avo tree, kind of like a pair of male testicles. Perhaps it’s because avocados are ovular in shape or because they are slightly bumpy on the outside; maybe it’s all three! No matter what the reason for the name, when Spanish colonizers arrived the Aztecs introduced the conquerors to the testicle fruit… I mean avocado! The name evolved into “aguacate,” which is the modern-day Spanish avocado word.

    There you have it, avocados were named after testicles!

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