Avocado Coffee: Yay or Nay?


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    Are you a one-cup-of-coffee person in the morning? Or drink an entire pot? Some people need coffee to start their day at all. Coffee is a brewed drink that you prepare from roasted coffee beans. Coffee is dark, bitter, acidic, and most importantly, stimulating. The caffeine content in coffee produces a waking-up effect in humans, helping us start our day more alert and productive. Singapore is a popular place for caffeine lovers, with plenty of cafes and coffee shops. One coffee shop is a chain called Kalijodo, an Indonesian cafe with over 70 stores, has introduced a novel coffee concept: avocado coffee

    Avocado Coffee From Kalijodo

    Kalijodo’s newest addition to the menu was born during an experiment to create a new drink. While avo and coffee may seem like a shocking – and even unappealing – combination, the popularity of the new drink seems to say otherwise. If avocado coffee isn’t your thing, Kalijodo does serve more standard cups of Joe too. 

    Kalijodo means “mean to be together,” and the folks at the coffee chain believe that’s the case for avocado and coffee, they were simply meant to be combined. Their popular drink is called the avojodo, and the avojodo with nutella is another customer favorite. 

    avocado coffee

    What Goes Into an Avocado Coffee?

    While the avocado and coffee ingredients are a given in an avojodo, what other ingredients make up this unique beverage? According to the company, avojodos have:

    • Avocado
    • Condensed milk
    • Sugar syrup
    • Cocoa powder
    • Chocolate ice cream
    • Chocolate sprinkles
    • A shot of espresso

    The coffee beans are Indonesian arabica beans. They lend a robust taste, a little bitter, which is perfectly complemented by the sweet, full flavor from the avocado. The chocolate flavoring doesn’t hurt either!

    What do you think? Would you try the unique, one-of-a-kind avocado coffee from Kalijodo? Let us know!