New Zealand avocado: surplus drives down prices


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    While the price of avocados is rising in many areas across the world along with demand increases, there is one place where the price is actually falling: the New Zealand avocado.

    Why are prices falling for the New Zealand avocado: an avocado surplus. The island country has an overabundance of avocados right now that is driving down the price of avocados more than usual this season. To put the surplus into perspective, this time last year New Zealand harvested 312,000 trays of avocados, but as of July 2021, the country has now harvested 506,000 trays.

    What Is Driving New Zealand Avocado Prices?

    Such a bumper crop is fantastic news for consumers because it means prices are lower, For the 1,600 avo growers of the New Zealand avocado, however, the situation is a little more complicated. All these avocados are driving down prices, but that means lower returns for farmers who are getting less money for their hard-grown fruit. 

    To top it all off, Australia has also had an avocado bumper crop this year. Australia is usually one of the main importers of the New Zealand avocado, but since Australia has had such a successful year themselves, they don’t need to import as many superfruits from their northern neighbors. Even IF other countries want to import the New Zealand avocado, there have been near-continuous disruptions of freight transport by both air and sea, making it that much more difficult to get the nation’s crops to other countries. 

    Growers are holding on to hope, focusing on the fact that such low-priced avocados may bring more consumers into the avo fan club.

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