Naomi Osaka’s Favorite Foods For Olympic Fuel


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    Naomi Osaka is an accomplished tennis player and arguably one of the best athletes of our time. Though she has lived and trained in the United States since she was three years old, she is playing for gold in the 2020 Olympics under the Japanese flag of her birth. Naomi is ranked the #1 tennis player by the Women’s Tennis Association and is the first Asian woman to hold that honor. She has won four Grand Slam singles championships and is the reigning champion of both the U.S. and Australian Opens. She is also just 23 years old. Such an accomplished athlete needs to take care of her body, and part of that is making sure that she eats well. Ever wonder what an elite athlete eats to fuel their play? Read on for Naomi Osaka’s favorite foods.

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    Naomi Osaka’s Favorite Foods

    Though Naomi will be the first to say that her diet varies every day, she says that each day follows a similar pattern. 

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    For breakfast, Osaka almost always starts her day with delicious, nutritious avocado toast. She adds a slice of smoked salmon on top and washes it down with a green smoothie. She says that eating a filling and healthy breakfast is essential to her day because afterward, she heads straight into training and doesn’t eat again until well into the afternoon. Osaka’s favorite foods include avocados because the fat and fiber content keeps her performing and full.

    Osaka’s favorite foods for lunch consist of rice, vegetables, more salmon (this time, grilled), and green tea. Alternatively, she might spring for a large salad.

    After lunch, Osaka heads into meetings and physical therapy until about 7 pm. Osaka’s favorite foods for dinner tend towards smaller, lighter meals unless she’s craving a particular food.

    This phenomenal athlete recognizes how crucial nutrition and taking care of her body is to her success. It should come as no surprise then that Osaka works an avocado into her diet almost every day.