How Eating An Avocado A Day Changes Women’s Bodies


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    A recent US study shows that consuming one avocado per day helped redistribute belly fat in women towards a “healthier profile.” What does this mean? Let’s explore how the effects of eating an avocado a day changes women’s bodies

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    The Study of How Eating An Avocado A Day Changes Women’s Bodies

    A study conducted at the University of Illinois on the effects of how eating an avocado a day changes women’s bodies was published in The Journal of Nutrition. The Journal of Nutrition is a peer-reviewed scientific journal comprised of research papers covering nutritional topics. This journal covers research on experimental nutrition in humans and other animal species. 

    In this particular study, 105 adults who were either overweight or obese participated in a controlled study for 12 weeks. The study provided one meal per day for all 12 weeks. Women who consumed avocado as part of their daily meals showed a distinct reduction in “deeper visceral abdominal fat.” Basically, these women didn’t lose weight, which was never the goal of the study anyway, but they showed it changes women’s bodies (in the way their bodies stored fat). How much fat we carry on our bodies affects our health, but where we store that fat has a measurable effect on our health as well.

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    Subcutaneous vs. Visceral Fat

    There are two kinds of belly fat, subcutaneous and visceral. Subcutaneous fat accumulates directly under the skin, whereas visceral fat is stored much deeper in the body, often surrounding internal organs. Individuals with high levels of visceral fat are at much higher risk of developing diabetes and suffering other health issues related to obesity. 

    This study sought to understand if eating an avocado a day might alter the ratio of visceral to subcutaneous fat on a body. Female participants in this study who were given an avocado each day showed that it changes women’s bodies by a decrease in visceral fat levels which may indicate their fat was distributed away from their organs. If studied further, scientists could use this information to better advise people on how to achieve more healthful fat levels. It is worth noting, however, that fat distribution in males in this study went unchanged.