Why People Are Giving Avocados As Christmas Gifts


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    A few years ago, a video of a boy receiving a wrapped avocado for Christmas went viral. Why? Mostly because of the humorous reaction the boy gave upon unwrapping his present. Now, people all over are giving avocados as Christmas gifts. Such a unique gift might seem like a strange choice for a loved one, so why are people giving avos as Christmas gifts?

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    A Viral Video: Giving Avocados As Christmas Gifts

    The quick, 6-second clip shows a young boy, perhaps only 4 or 5, excitedly unwrapping a small gift. He pulls out an avocado. His response to the gift “an avocado… thaaaaanks,” brought smiles and laughter to people’s lips the world over. 

    Such a simple video perfectly highlighted how we have all felt at one time or another when we receive a gift and have to pretend we’re excited and/or happy about it. This boy did his best to sound appreciative of a gift that just isn’t very exciting for such a young boy.

    Since the video emerged, more people have been wrapping our favorite superfruit and giving them to family and friends. But why?

    It turns out, most people just love a good joke. Giving an avocado as a gift puts your loved ones (and their Pop Culture knowledge) to the test: will they appreciate the meme-related gift or just gaze at you in confusion? Many wrap the avo and wait for the recipient to say “an avocado… thaaaanks” before revealing the joke and giving them their real gift. 

    What do you think? Would you like to receive an avo as a gift? Would you give one?

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