Morocco Enters Top 10 Avocado-Producing Countries


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    Avocado cultivation in Morocco is booming. Since 2014, there has been a whopping average annual growth of 30%, moving Morocco into the top 10 avocado-producing countries. One of Morocco’s main exports is to Med Fruit Europe, located in Amsterdam. Though the avo market tends to slow down during the holidays, Morocco is sending more superfruit to the middle east this month to make up for it. Like most places, more and more countries entering the market for growing avocados is driving down prices. Fruits that brought in 13 euros are now selling for 8.50 to 10 euros. The Fuerte variety is currently in the highest demand in the region. 

    Avocado-Producing Countries: Morocco

    Morocco’s avo industry is dominated by Hass, Fuerte, Bacon, and Zutano varieties. The harvesting season occurs from September to May; the green skin varieties are available from the end of September, Hass in November. Approximately 8,000 hectares of avos are planted in Morocco so far, and this number is expected to continue to increase over time. Internationally, Moroccan avos are applauded for their optimal color, flavor, and grading. Morocco exports their fruit primarily to Europe, Russia, Asia, and the Gulf states.

    Updates In Moroccan Avocados

    Moroccan avocados are grown primarily on the coasts, from Larache to Rabat, where winters are milder. More and more avo farms are complying with European certifications such as SMETA and GRASP, allowing their fruit to be sold in European supermarkets.

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